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NADA 4.2 to 4.3/4.4 upgrade

The patch includes a subset of files changed from version 4.2 to 4.3/4.4. To apply the patch, follow the steps:

1. Make a backup of your existing NADA folders. If complete backup is not possible, at least back the "Application" and "Themes" folder
2. Unzip the files in the NADA root folder to replace existing files
3. Run this query on the database to add the new "Open data" access type

INSERT INTO forms VALUES (7,'Open access','open','open','1');

4. The default theme has changed in NADA. This is a major change and will break your existing website layout/theme. To upgrade you theme, please follow the steps below:

Website using the default theme "WB":

a. Edit the application/config/template.php and change the default theme name to "wb2" instead of "wb"

Websites with heavily customized theme

a. Backup your theme folder
b. Make a copy of the themes/wb2 folder to create a new theme.
c. Apply all the customizations (header, footer, styles, etc) to your copy of the wb2 theme.
d. Update the application/config/template to use your new theme.

Note: - The patch does not overwrite the settings for database, config and template configurations.

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