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DDI metadata editor

The objective of this project is to provide data producers and data curators with a free, user-friendly, powerful specialized metadata editor compliant with the DDI standard. The IHSN supports the development of freeware developed by the Norwegian Social Science Data Archive (NSD).

Project status: Closed
Sponsor(s): World Bank Development Grant Facility, Grants No 4001009-06, 4001010-06, 4001011-06, administered by the PARIS21 Secretariat at OECD; DFID Trust Fund managed by the World Bank Data Group; PHRD, Government of Japan
Implemented by: NSD, software development; World Bank and IHSN consultants, translation of application and production of guidelines and training materials
Type of output: Freeware
The software and other related materials are freely available. See our Software - DDI Metadata Editor section.