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This phase builds and tests the production systems to the point where they are ready for use in the “live” environment. It is comprised of six sub-processes:

  • 3.1.Build data collection instrument - The collection instrument is built based on the design specifications created during phase 2 (Design). This sub-process also includes preparing and testing the contents and functioning of that instrument (e.g., testing the questions in a questionnaire). Capturing the metrics of data collection (i.e., paradata) is also an important consideration in this sub-process.
  • 3.2.Build or enhance process components - This sub-process describes the activities needed to build new and enhance existing software components for the business process, as designed in Phase 2 (Design). Components may include dashboard functions and features, data repositories, transformation tools, workflow framework components, and provider and metadata management tools.
  • 3.3.Configure workflows - This sub-process configures the workflow, systems, and transformations used within the statistical business processes, from data collection through archiving the final statistical outputs. It ensures that the workflow specified in sub-process 2.6 (Processing system and workflow) works in practice.
  • 3.4.Test production system – This sub-process focuses on the testing of computer systems and tools, including technical testing, sign-off of new programs and routines, and confirmation that existing routines from other statistical business processes are suitable for use.
  • 3.5.Test statistical business process - This sub-process describes the activities to manage a field test or pilot of the statistical business process. Typically, it includes small-scale data collection to test collection instruments, followed by processing and analysis of the collected data to ensure the statistical business process performs as expected. Following the pilot, it may be necessary to return to a previous step and adjust instruments, systems, or components. For a major statistical business process, e.g., a population census, there may be several iterations until the process is working satisfactorily.
  • 3.6.Finalize production systems - This sub-process includes the activities to put the workflow systems, modified and newly built components, and other components into production so it is ready for use by business areas. Related activities include documenting the process components, including technical documentation and user manuals, training business users on how to operate the process, and moving the process components into the production environment and ensuring they work as expected in that environment (this activity may also be part of sub-process 3.4, Test production system).