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DDI Metadata Editor (Nesstar Publisher 4.0.10)


The IHSN Metadata Editor, also known as the Nesstar Publisher, is a feature-rich editor for the preparation of metadata and data for publishing in an online catalog, such as the IHSN-developed National Data Archive (NADA). The metadata produced by the Editor is compliant with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 2.n and the Dublin Core XML metadata standards. The application is developed by Nesstar at the Norwegian Social Science Data Archive (NSD) and is distributed as freeware.


Easy editing/creation and export of DDI documented datasets with XMLexperience needed Tools to compute/recode/label new, or existing, variables to be added to a dataset before publishing
Tools to validate metadata and variables The ability to import and export data to the most common statistical formats, including delimited files
The ability to include automatically generated frequency and summary statistics for each variable Multilingual - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

System requirements

The Metadata Editor\Nesstar Publisher requires a PC running Microsoft Windows.

License agreement

The Nesstar Publisher is distributed as freeware by the NSD. The license agreement is provided in the application's Help menu.


The Metadata Editor\Nesstar Publisher can be downloaded for free. In addition, users who intend to use NADA online cataloging application should also download and install the IHSN templates available in the following subsection, IHSN Templates.


Download the Nesstar Publisher software for free from Nesstar:
To see a full list of changes since the last version see the change log.
This new version is a critical upgrade. The previous version had a bug that truncated decimals when exporting data from Nesstar file to Stata.


IHSN Templates

The Metadata Editor/Publisher uses "templates," which define which DDI and Dublin Core elements are to be used to document datasets. The software is provided with a default template. Users who want to make use of other IHSN applications, however, especially the NADA cataloging application, should use the IHSN templates. The IHSN templates are available in multiple languages. The current version of the template is 1.6.

Download the IHSN Templates in:

Instructions on how to install the templates are here:

Additional plugins and tools

The IHSN Report Center plugin, which contained in particular a tool to convert the DDI into a PDF document, has been discontinued. The latest version of the Publisher / Metadata Editor includes a PDF Generator. Version 4.0 of the NADA application will also provide a PDF Generator.

Tools for Translating the Nesstar Publisher into additional languages

A tool used for Translating the Nesstar Publisher interface into other languages.


A tool to manage the language translation files generated by the Nesstar Translation Tool and used to export the final language files for use with the Nesstar Publisher.


Planned enhancements to the Nesstar Publisher

  • DDI 2.5 compatibility
  • UTF8 compliance