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NADA survey cataloguing software

Users must be properly informed about the existence and characteristics of available survey data. To promote the use of microdata, detailed metadata must be made available in the form of a searchable on-line catalogue. To support this effort, IHSN promotes the use of the DDI metadata standard, and is developing or sponsoring the development of DDI-compliant tools and guidelines, including our specialized DDI metadata editor and the National Data Archive (NADA), a freely accessible, open-source cataloguing application.

Project status: Open
Sponsor(s): World Bank Development Grant Facility, Grant No 4001009-06, 4001010-06, 4001011-06 administered by the PARIS21 Secretariat at OECD; DFID Trust Fund managed by the World Bank Data Group
Implemented by: WB-DECDG, Household Survey Development Team
Type of output: Open-source software

To download the NADA application and related documentation and materials, visit our Software - Microdata Cataloguing Tool page. For more information on survey cataloguing, see our guidelines on cataloguing.