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Use of household surveys in national accounts

The purpose of this project was to describe the many possible uses of household surveys (i.e., HIES) in the compilation of national accounts. Primarily, we want to identify criteria for reliability and relevance of household surveys from the point of view of national accounts and CPI compilers, and eventually develop guidelines for the assessment and improvement of household surveys.

Project status: Open
Sponsor(s): DFID Trust Fund No TF011722, administered by the World Bank Data Group
Implemented by: Willem van den Andel, IHSN consultant
Type of output: Working paper


Note: The following draft has been produced but not yet edited by the IHSN Secretariat. It will be circulated for further comments, edited, and completed with additional input before it is published as an IHSN document.

This document describes the many possible uses of HIES in the compilation of the national accounts. Possible uses of the data in the national accounts depend on both the data contents of the available HIES as well as the level of detail at which the national accounts are compiled.
This paper was produced as an input to two other projects that assessed how (well) household consumption/expenditure is measured in household surveys. One project focuses on assessing the measurement of food consumption, the other on assessing the measurement of non-food consumption/expenditure. For both projects, the approach consisted of describing the key uses and users of these data, specifying criteria and a framework for assessing the relevance and reliability of data from their particular perspective, and conducting a global assessment of many surveys with a view to deriving guidelines and recommendations.