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FAO and IHSN Secretariat promoting documentation and archiving of agricultural censuses

The FAO Statistics Division and the IHSN Secretariat have engaged in a joint activity of promoting proper documentation and archiving of agricultural censuses.
This work program included the design of a specific set of guidelines for documenting agricultural surveys. The package is compliant with the standards already promoted by the IHSN (DDI, DCMI). It includes a specific template for the IHSN Microdata Management Toolkit and its associated Quick Reference Guide.
Two regional workshops are being organized as a direct follow-up of this activity. National statistical agencies responsible for the conduct of agricultural censuses are being invited in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Manila, Philippines. These workshops target primarly non-ADP countries.
The expected output is a better use of properly documented datasets and improved microdata management in national agencies in charge of agricultural statistics.