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Disseminate survey results

Information in this section is generic and provides a broad overview of the importance of archiving. For more practical and detailed information on data and metadata archiving, see our Guidelines on microdata dissemination.

This phase manages the release of statistical products to customers, and consists of five sub-processes:

  • 7.1.Update output systems - This sub-process manages the update of systems in which data and metadata are stored for dissemination purposes Formatting, loading, and linking of metadata takes place in earlier phases; this sub-process includes verification that all necessary metadata are in place, ready for dissemination. It includes:
    • Formatting data and metadata that’s ready to be added to output databases;
    • Loading data and metadata into output databases; and
    • Ensuring data are linked to the relevant metadata.
  • 7.2.Produce dissemination products - This sub-process produces the products designed in sub-process 2.1 to meet user needs. Products can take many forms, including printed publications, press releases, and websites. Steps include:
    • Preparing product components, such as explanatory text, tables, and charts;
    • Assembling the components into products; and
    • Editing the products and checking that they meet publication standards.
  • 7.3.Manage release of dissemination products - This sub-process ensures that all elements for the release are in place and manages the timing of the release. It briefs specific groups, such as the press or ministers; arranges pre-release embargoes; and includes the provision of products to subscribers.
  • 7.4.Promote dissemination products – Although marketing can be considered an over-arching process, this sub-process actively promotes the statistical products produced in a specific statistical business process to help them reach the widest possible audience. It uses customer relationship management tools to better target potential product users, and uses websites, wikis, and blogs to facilitate the communication of statistical information to users.
  • 7.5.Manage user support - This sub-process ensures that customer queries are recorded and responses are provided within deadline parameters. These queries should be regularly reviewed to provide an input to the quality management process, as they can indicate new or changing user needs.