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IHSN Microdata Management Toolkit Training in India (New Delhi, 14 - 18 February 2011)

A Toolkit Training and DDI Production Workshop was held in New Delhi, India, on14 -18 February 2011 for the Computer Centre of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI). Participants to the workshop comprised 14 directors. Enthusiasm was high and the participants were grateful to be given the chance to learn the IHSN tools which they find to be very beneficial to their daily tasks. In his closing speech, Deputy Director General P.C. Mohanan emphasized that since data preservation and dissemination is a major activity of the Centre, it is essential that good quality documentation be provided to users of their data by means of adopting international standards. He extended his thanks to the ADP for sharing the IHSN tools with his agency. The Toolkit and the NADA applications will be adopted by the Computer Centre, and will be used for the implementation of the Ministry's dissemination policy.