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Survey documentation progressing in Bhutan (Paro, Bhutan, 22 - 26 August 2011)

A DDI Production Workshop was held in Paro, Bhutan from 22 to 26 August 2011. Participants comprised 16 staff from the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and the Ministries of Health (MOH), Labour and Human Resources (MOLHR), and Agriculture and Forests (MOAF) who documented 6 surveys during the workshop. The IHSN tools were well appreciated and the representative from MOLHR expressed his intent of recommending the tools to his agency, which conducts surveys.

In the week that followed, ddi review sessions were held with the participants to finalize the ddis in preparation for the installation and launch of the NADA in NSB which is scheduled by end September 2011. Metadata for these surveys will be featured during the launch.
The NSB is grateful for the skills gained on documentation and looks forward to newer tools that the IHSN will introduce.